Animal Origami

British Origami Society (1989)

This was my first published collection of models, published by the British Origami Society in 1989 as part of a drive to relaunch the BOS booklet series.

Animal Origami 2

British Origami Society (1990)

Another collection of early models for the BOS booklet series, first published in 1990 and then reprinted in 2004.

Animal Origami 3

British Origami Society (1992)

My third BOS booklet. Like the other two it features artwork by my brother Fergus showing views of completed models.

Origami Favourites

Self-published (1997)

This was a limited-run booklet featuring a number of old favourites as well as new previously unpublished designs. 

Origami Masters: Edwin Corrie

Crystal Publishing (2002)

One of a three-part series authored by Sergei Afonkin and published in Russia. The other two were devoted to works by David Brill and Alfredo Giunta. Text in Russian.

Animales de papel

Salvatella (2007)

A collection of a number of my models together with a few by other creators, put together by Vicente Palacios. Text in Spanish.

Origami Animals

Dover (2012)

This is an English translation of "Animales de papel", published by Dover Books.

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