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Origami Heart

Updated: Nov 7, 2021

Since anyone reading this has probably come here looking for origami, it seems like a good idea to start off with something you can actually fold. It’s a recent design that began as a doodle from an odd leftover scrap of paper, but then I worked out how long the strip needed to be and managed to find a convenient way to get it from a standard sheet of A4.

Heart by Edwin Corrie

I like to class this sort of thing as an “oddity”, because it doesn’t start from a square and is not as refined and elegant as many of the more classical origami heart designs. But it somehow works out in a satisfying and interesting sort of way. I’m sure it could be improved and made neater and more regular, so if you like the idea please feel free to have a go.

Let’s face it, if you want a good origami heart there are plenty out there to choose from. For example, here’s a nice collection called Origami With Love from Nick Robinson that you might want to check out. Available from his website at

Origami With Love by Nick Robinson

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